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Open Book | Miriam Kyasiimire

Our #OpenBook series continues with another 'fab at 30 plus' blogger!  Click here to read the last installment.

This time, we're in the company of Miriam Kyasiimire, a Ugandan by birth, nationality and choice!  Miriam runs a tour agency based in Kampala called Kagera Safaris which plans for inbound tourists into Uganda and Rwanda.

"We love to create memorable African expressions for our clients", she explains. Read on  to find out more about Miriam, her blogging journey and the power of adding value to others through writing. 

1. Hi Miriam, why did you decide to get into the tourism industry?
I love travelling – wake me up any day and let me know where we can go but yet I miss my home terribly after days of being away". I love listening to beautiful stories about other peoples lives especially romantic stories and stories of victory. I love to spend a good chunk of my time browsing the internet reading all kinds of articles about life and business in the comfort of my home and certainly sleeping is high on the list of things I love. When I travel I love to be outdoors but when home it is being at home with minimal hanging out. I am an encourager and forever optimistic about people achieving their dreams and a big connector of people and opportunities.

2. Tell me a little about your blog

My blog is Miriam Travels – I blog about my travel experiences and destinations, business and entrepreneurship, inspiration and leadership. I would say the theme is life and travel experiences. When I read a book, I share insights from it that I think others should consider on my blog.

3. Why did you get into blogging?

I originally got into blogging to keep alive my travel experiences, I hoped that it would show the beauty of the world from an ordinary person’s view. Later it was to share things I am learning with others hence introducing elements of business and entrepreneurship, inspiration and leadership. My hope is that people who read can leave the blog with a good feeling or learn something or start them on a journey.

4. How long have you been blogging for?

I had my first blog about 10 years ago which was part of an exchange program I was on in Norway – I soon lost interest and stopped updating it. This current blog address ( ) has been up since 2015 however I blogged for my business since 2012 on which I no longer do full time as others contribute articles.

5. Can you point us to your favourite blog post to date? What is it about and why do you like it so much?
It is hard to choose a favourite blog post. That said, posts of my time in Burundi are some of my favourite because I loved the country and so writing them was not as difficult and I wrote them when the experience was still fresh unlike posts that I write after months and spend days recollecting the experiences.

6. Share a blogging high, and a blogging low you've experienced since the beginning of your journey

Blogging high: When I read a blog I wrote a while ago and it brings a smile on my face. Also when people read a blog post and share how it has added value to them.
Blogging low: Consistently being behind schedule on the blogs I need to write.

7. What's the best piece of writing advice you've ever received? 

Do not wait to be motivated to write, write even when you do not feel like. It has helped me because I I do not enjoy writing nor do I find it easy to write.

8. What is next for your blog, and what other projects would you like to embark on as a blogger?
I want to achieve consistency in my blogging, to at the very least post a blog every week. I hope that my blog will eventually open opportunities for me to speak at conferences because of the quality content. It should be able to bring in income directly or indirectly.

9. Lastly, where else can we find you? 

Instagram| Miriam_travels
Twitter | @miriamtravels

I wish I had half the adventurous spirit of Miriam! Did you enjoy this instalment? I also smile when I read back on old posts - especially if it has had a lot of attention! What was your favourite part about this conversation? sound off below! 

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  1. Miriam's personality really shined through this post! Although, I am not much of a traveler. I too can relate on sometimes finding it difficult to write and struggling to achieve the level of consistency that is required to maintain a blog. Nevertheless, it is quite doable. Glad I read this post! -

    1. Miriam is an awesome woman! I think we all struggle but let's not be too hard on ourselves - afterall, we juggle so much more!

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