Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Biggest Blogging Regrets | A Walk Through My Blogging History

If you've followed me from the beginning, you'd know by now that I have been an on-and-off blogger for the best part of ten years. It's part of my story. Thankfully it has been more on than off in the last three years.

Despite my long expereince as a blogger, I can't help but feel that there are some things I could have done to earn me more success. In as much as I love doing this thing, I haven't always put my all into it. This is probably the most transparent I have been with you so far, but I think it's time I shared my biggest blogging regrets.

Here goes.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Five Inspirational Books by Black Women to Help you Get Ahead in Life.

I was speaking to a friend this weekend  about some of the latest happenings in her office. 

"Madeline, last week was a strange week at work", she said. I asked her to delve deeper, and her summary was that within the course of five days, a few unexpected announcements had quickly been followed by a few 'movements' in her  team. Old faces went. New ones were introduced. Everything turned around in just one week. 

Our conversation printed three major lessons in my mind. 

1. Chase your dreams. At (almost) all cost
2. No one should ever feel so attached to a company to move on.
3. People in authority put their friends on (thus tightening the already narrow access to progress for everyone else).


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Book & Event Review | Don't Touch My Hair

One evening last month, I was sat in the basement of  Waterstones in London's Gower Street, having been invited to hear Emma Dabiri speak about her debut book, Don't Touch My Hair. I knew I was in for a treat having previously attended an event at the same venue (for the launch of Michelle Obama's Becoming).

On the evening of the event, a flustered me practically fell through the doors almost twenty minutes late.  But my fraught nerves were quickly soothed by a friendly host. The atmosphere was calm yet engaging. I was offered a glass of wine as I found a seat to settle in. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What Is Good Record Management?

If there is something I've learned from blogging and freelancing, it's organisation. I remember back in November 2016 when I was a fresher to the copywriting game. I had acquired my first client so went about designing and sending out my first welcome pack, contract, and invoice (before I discovered PayPal invoices). I relied on the fact that all could just be stored on email, until a minor dispute ensued over the terms of the contract. It was only then I learned the value of having all documents properly saved classified by client rather than having to trawl through emails just to prove a point. I also learned a big lesson in confirming by email any agreements made on the phone.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Book Review | Queenie

Meet Queenie Jenkins, the heroine and protagonist of the self-titled, Queenie. She's black British, twenty-something, and hails from South London. She's from a Jamaican family, works as an underpaid journalist, and most pivotal to the story, has just been dumped by her posh white boyfriend, Tom.

If there was ever a protagonist, more flawed, and more f****d up, yet more relatable, she would be Queenie.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Film Review | Side Chic Gang

By now you'll know that I'm in equal parts proudly Ghanaian and British. Does that make me British Ghanaian or Ghanaian British? I don't know! However you'd like to describe me is up to you! Me I'm just here to share this Ghanaian film review with you.

I haven't reviewed a Ghanaian film before, mainly because the industry went through a sad decline, and although there has been the occasional great production, I just didn't have access to them. So in as much as I love all things Ghanaian, I'd just come to accept that movies might not be one of them. 

Then I watched Side Chic Gang.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Why You Should Read a Short Story Collection | Heads of the Colored People

I'm sitting on a Southeastern train, heading to our Kent office for work. I am so bloody late, but the good news is I've just finished reading, Fatima the Biloquist, whose protagonist, a young lady called Fatima from a well to do family, is taken through a make-shift ghetto finishing school of sorts by her more 'culturally aware' bestie Violet, who is determined to make her 'more black'. As uncomfortable as this 'molding process' was to read, as someone who used to be often referred to as a 'coconut', I actually identified with Fatima's frustration.

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