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Bookmarked! | November Edition

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As usual, public life has been crazy, and lots have been going on! For instance, have we now negotiated the terms of a certain exit? And is it true that five became four after one of my favourite childhood girl bands announced their UK wide tour?

Despite all the activity that has been keeping traditional and social media buzzing, the world of communications and literacy has been somewhat a quiet month. But, the advantage of that is that Michelle Obama's release of her memoir, Becoming on the 13th November has remained the standout event of November. It's all very exciting, and I will be writing my book review soon! But here are some of the other exciting stories I have pulled from the far corners of the web. 

Patricia Bright has written her debut book and it looks major!
After you've become the most successful black British female YouTuber, starred in a Bobbi Brown commercial, opened a hair company, launched your own MAC lipstick and delivered a Ted Talk, what else is there to do? Write a book of course! Her debut, Heart & Hustle will be out next year and is currently available for preorder. You guys may know by now that I am a high YouTube fan. It's the one place I get to control what I watch. Patricia Bright is one of the YouTubers I have been following for a long time. Her intelligence and education level, her achievements, limitless energy, and down to earth personality are  features which attract me to her channel.  Find out all there is to love about her book here

Questlove spent 10 years creating an epic playlist for Michelle Obama
Just when I thought Mrs. O. had exhausted all her resources to make me love her more, I come across this. I am currently reading her memoir, Becoming, which has already opened a side which. for obvious reasons, was kept largely concealed behind formal dresses, well-curated speeches, and state visits (although we did see a glimpse of Auntie M when she danced on the Ellen De Generes show and rapped with Missy Elliott!). Reading the article opened up my heart even more to the former FLOTUS. Who knew that The Roots drummer was present at the Obama's presidential campaign and White House Dinners as their official DJ? They really are the coolest couple in politics!

Deaf boy reacts to CBeebies sign language story

This story really warmed my heart. I cannot even begin to imagine the isolation children with special needs must feel, and the stress their parents and families go through. So reading about the BBC being inclusive in this way, with their bedtime story in Makaton (sign language) is marvelous!  BBC, I don't normally do this, but I have to say well done for this. 

'I don't want to be the UK's only black female history professor'

 Last month, black women and many people in academia rejoiced with Olivette Otele when she announced she'd been awarded a professorship and a chair in history by Bath Spa University. This was epic news for two reasons : a) she's a woman and b) she's black - and was now occupying a position in an institution which has long been male, pale, and stale!  For someone who has aspirations to be a professor one day, I am hopeful. But despite the euphoria, she is wary about the implications of her new found position, and you can read them here.
A Children's Book Author Aims to Help Build Self Esteem of Young Black Girls
I love this story for so much, just because I feel that if I had seen more representations of myself as a little girl, there would have been so many detrimental beliefs about myself I wouldn't have carried into adulthood. In her interview, Shevondra Walker, the author of Black Girl Shine, said she grew up hearing positive affirmations about herself, and wanted to share that with other black girls. Watch the five-minute interview here.
Please let me know what your favourite bookmark is. Are there any that stood out to you?
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  1. Such positivity all here with these bookmarks. Congratulations to Patricia! Michelle Obama's book has created such a buzz. I hope you can become a professor some day because it will suit you a lot. Auntie brofo!! Hahahaaa...

    1. Thank you Missy May! It's important we share good news. Thank you so much. Please pray for your sis. Lol. You are not the first person to call me that! hehe!


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