Thursday, April 26, 2018

Write the Vision

I am ever cognisant of the need to pay attention to the way I communicate with myself. That's not to say that the words I speak are always positive, but my conscience is always stirred with a mild panic each time I catch myself 'slipping'. I remember once pleading with God to not seal my fate when out of frustration I screamed, "Aargh! No one will ever find me attractive!" (Forgive me, I was in my early twenties.)

Where did this unwavering belief in 'your words become life' come from? Firstly, my African roots make it very difficult to break away from superstition (even if I am London born and bred!) But more importantly, what I believe is highly guided by my faith, so 'life and death lie in the power of the tongue' will always be my absolute truth, as will 'write the vision and make it plain'. In essence, I have a deep conviction that how we communicate with ourselves shapes our lives.

On the 17th April, I posted 
this on my Instagram. The photo and the caption capture my absolute truths in a single snapshot. 

Posting the photo took me back to about three years ago, before becoming a copywriter, and before making the contacts that I have now. I had a vision for my life but I didn't know how it was going to materialise. I knew I wanted to go as far as I could with my writing so I started a blog, not this one (because someone has to start somewhere right?) and set myself to work. I made a visionary board - a humble noticeboard made of cork with magazine cut-outs depicting my goals, then kept writing and praying that my craft would eventually pay me back if I remained loyal to it.

As you know, smashing your goals don't just happen by magic. I didn't see any of my dreams 
come to fruition until last year. But guess what? Things have begun to turn around favourably. It has been a long road of learning, being determined, and praying, yet it's only the beginning! Am I where I want to be? Certainly not. But I am not where I used to be.

I write all of this to encourage you to do two things. One - never talk yourself down. Two - No matter how slow you think progress might be, stick with working to accomplish your goals.You'll eventually see results. I promise! 

What are you working towards for the rest of the year? I'd like to know!



  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent article! I absolutely agree with writing the vision and speaking. I recently found a notebook in which I wrote a list of things I hoped to achieve in a few years..I couldn't believe how many of those things I have checked off.. I am hopeful that I would see more of my dreams realized this year, some of which includes; improving my relationships (vague, I know.. but I have it broken down) and making a good stride career wise...

    1. Wow! One just cannot underestimate the power of speaking out, or writing it down! Ofcourse you do have to lso work towards those things, but I am sure you already know that :-)I stand in agreement with you, as you have written it down on this blog. You SHALL see improvements in your relationships and career!


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