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Guest Post: 5 Signs You’re Gonna Be a Successful Content Creator

Hello ladies! I hope you've had a nice weekend! The direction of this blog has shifted slightly (for the better!) over the past months, and I'm really proud that has become a place we can all come to, to learn how to write and blog better (me included!) To help me in this endeavour, I have brought on a guest to speak to us about how we can all achieve blogging perfection. Please keep reading!

Do you remember the “still a better love story than Twilight" joke? Well, there’s one more love story that should be added there and then it’s probably high time we forgot about that joke all together. It’s marketing and content writing. Nowadays, almost 90% of companies use content marketing as a tool in their marketing strategy. Of course, not all the texts are excellent, read-worthy and compelling. But what makes one a great content writer? Since it is the profession of the present day, and it will probably be so in the years to come, it’s a great thing to learn how to be an excellent content creator. We made a list of five simple questions for you to answer:

Are you writing regularly?
For all good things, you need practice, and content creating is no exception. All good content writers know the importance of working out the writing muscles. Doing so, they get to untangle all the complicated ideas they might be having in the brain, and organise their thoughts both on paper (that is, screen) and in their head. It’s perfectly natural that we don’t always have the inspiration to write, but good content creators who regularly write - and are thus good at organising thoughts and ideas - can create inspiration once they start writing. So, if you’re not a regular writer, make sure to allocate at least 15-20 minutes each day to practice. Write down your thoughts, ideas, emotions. Sometimes practice by writing a short product description, and you’ll definitely be in shape in no time.
Do you question everything?
Good content creators should be curious, there’s no doubt about that. They need to be curious about the internal knowledge they already possess and the external information they might come across. As Lorraine Twohill, the head of marketing at Google, says, “You need to be curious to identify problems worth solving, and then come up with new solutions”. You always need to think differently and question everything. Questioning what made that specific author write that text or why the author thinks in that way can be difficult at first, but with a bit of exercise, this will make you a good content creator. 

Are you writing for a targeted audience?
Any good content creator will tell you something that you should already know – it’s impossible to write a text that suits the taste of every person. Sometimes the piece of writing you create will appeal to new visitors while it will make you lose the followers you’ve had up to that point. Sometimes, the opposite is going to happen, and that is what makes good content creating a bit of a complicated process. It’s very important to know that every piece of content has an audience of its own. In order to make the best of it, you should focus on a specific demographic and exclude everything else. That way, you’ll be a pro writer of a specific niche and gain so much experience there that you’ll definitely not need to be all over the place.

Do you include social media?
This should go without saying, as including social media in this marketing endeavor is definitely a must nowadays. On the plus side, it makes the whole process of blogging and content marketing much easier. You can easily double the number of visitors if you share your text via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, which will result in getting more hits on your personal blog or a specific website. Even though you may find it surprising, this is something that many realise very late in the game, so make sure you learn as much as possible about social media analytics and strategies.

Are you referencing pop culture?
Take a look at the introduction of this article. Did you see the Twilight reference in there? It certainly made the whole introduction a bit more interesting, don’t you think? It doesn’t really matter what kind of article you’re creating - business,  lifestyle or trendy content – being funny, using puns and referencing pop culture is a great plus. Not only will it make your writing more unique, it will also make you different. This can further result in your being the type of content creator many will gladly turn to again and again.

So, if you’ve answered all these five questions, and you got more yes’s, then you already are a very successful and good content creator. If not however, now you know what the things you need to pay attention to are. 

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health editor at HighStyleLife magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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  1. I love this post! Really cool that kept me motivated!
    Alessa Bernal

    1. Hi Alessa, thank you for reading them! This post has also motivated me!

  2. These are all really important points and definitely things to consider when creating digital content. You have to constantly keep your finger on the pulse, and you're not wrong about social media! Have a lovely week Madeline :) x

    1. Yes, you have so perfectly described it....finger on the pulse! Thanks for reading and a lovely week ahead to you too!

  3. These 5 tips are absolutely important but in my opinion the first one is essential. In everything we do the more we practise the better we can be.

    1. Practice is needed in perfecting anything, you are so right! I think the other tips will help with your practice.

  4. This post has definitely challenged me and my writing skills in general. I tend to write maybe weekly at most but then writing everyday is on a whole different level. I will consider keeping a daily journal for all my thoughts and ideas. -

    1. A daily journal is a good start Jamila! It doesn't have to be blogging or anything formal. Just your thoughts and reflection of the day will exercise your muscle!

  5. Thank you for this, Madeline. You always give me something to think about.

    "Am I writing for a targeted audience?" focusing on a specific demographic and excluding everything else is not so easy for me. How can I make it easier?

    1. You are most welcome dear. I live to help other writers! I'm glad I've given you food for thought!


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