Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Overcoming Writer's Block & Life Lately

You're probably expecting this to be a helpful post detailing how to best overcome writer's block. But it isn't. The truth is I've been struggling with creating content. I have been feeling very uninspired and tired lately, and even for somone who professes to have all the tricks up her sleeve when it comes to finding blog material, my creativity is seriously suffering. 

So I've just decided to share a few updates about what is currently happening in Madeline's world. 

Work & Life
Work lately has seen me travelling quite a bit. Nowhere far, but I've been back and forth to Paris and Brussels enough times  (including at the weekends) and it's starting to taking its toll. In other words, I am tired!

In amongst all this travelling, your girl has been trying to lose some weight! My excercise bike had been sitting in a corner of my living room for the last couple of years, where it was gathering dust. So I decided to give it a wipe down and make use of it in the mornings.  On top of that, I've been trying to get use to the taste of brown rice, drink more water and eat more veggies. Wish me luck! 

Losing weight has nothing to do with feeling insecure, and more to do with wanting to make better lifestyle choices as a thirty something. So don't get it twisted, I'm still, as always, feeling myself! One of the ways I like to express that is to get dressed up, and I must say, I have been loving my pretty dresses and skirts lately (especially with trainers)

It's not all about the outside though is it? I have been trying to get consistent with my quiet time with God in the mornings, which includes reading my devotionals on the Bible App. Some of the devotionals I have completed recently are Walking in Favor, Wait and See and God Comes Through in Love. 

Loving my skirts and dresses
Now, in terms of social plans, I don't have many for this summer. However, I am looking forward to the third meeting of my friend's book club, where we will be discussing an Eric Jerome Dickey book (if you know EJD, you'll know why I'm excited! hehe!) Also, I have just booked my tickets for Jenna's World View's Summer Day Party. Yay!

Phew! That's the main part of me so far! However, I would also like to keep you up to speed on what I have been reading, watching, and lsitening to lately. I'll leave as many links as I can. 

What I've been reading
June has actually been a pretty good month for me when it comes to reading. I feel like making use of my Kindle and listening to e-books have helped. So far this month, I have read the following:
  • Don't Touch My Hair ~ Emma Dabiri
  • Sleeping with Strangers ~ Eric Jerome Dickey
  • Harlem ~ Eric Jerome Dickey
  • Little Black Book ~ Otegha Uwagba
  • Race & Class in the Ruins of the Empire ~ Akala
  • The Book of Romans ~ The Holy Bible 

What I've been listening to
Downloading Spotify Premium might have been the best waste of money I have engaged in lately. Honestly I have no regrets because I am able to listen to all the music I want uninterrupted. My listening habit is my usual mix of Gospel, RnB, Neo-Soul and Afrobeats. 

Aside from that, the podcasts I listen to are now my new best friends. I might have been late to the podcast game, but I have enjoyed both the motivation and laughter they have provided me with, and now they are life staple. 
  • The Receipts Podcast
  • Say Your Mind Podcast
  • Jesus and Jollof
  • Hashtag Scripture
  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations
  • Laid Bare (lol, sorry mum)

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What I've been watching
I am not someone who watches lots of TV. Most times, it's playing in the background, but here are the few that have captured my attention in the last month or so. 
The following are on Netflix:
  • Always be My Maybe
  • Black Mirror
  • See You Yesterday
These next two are on TV/ on the web:
  • Years & Years (BBC 1)
  • The Real Housewives of Potomac
What have you been up to lately? What do you do to overcome your writing block?



  1. Hello gal, you absolutely need to watch this Nigerian YouTube series that I recently just found called "She Drives Me Nuts." It is only about 20 episodes but so hilarious! That is pretty much what I have been up to these days besides work... watching the series and spending time with family. On the blogging front, I would love to read another interview or guest post. Cheers! :)

    1. Hi Jamila! I think I have seen She Drives Me Nuts. It didn't immediately grab me but I will give it another go. Thanks for the headsup. I'll try and garner some interviwees! Have a good week Jamila!

  2. I feel ya on the writer's block - I've been slogging through it on and off for about 20 months now. Ugh.
    So, like it sounds like you're doing, I've begun focusing on other aspects of caring for myself. Last month I started trying to get in at least a gallon of water a day and OH MY GOODNESS what a difference it makes when I do! I haven't lost any weight with this, but I've gained energy and lost a decent amount of chronic pain. It's a win! I'll take this curvy body of mine over a thin one that hurts and hurts and sleeps all day.

    It's good to 'meet' you Madeline!

    1. Hi Katherine, it's just the worst isn't it! You deal with the constant guilt of not writing, then when you come to, you can't! Thanks for the headsup! I struggle to drink that much when I am not at work - at least in the office I make sure I always have a bottle in front ot me, so it's easier. Yes! Curves all day everyday. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy the content here.

  3. Well, this is definitely a way to go in overcoming writer's block - writing something!

    For me, I give it time - but not too much time. I have to write something every month! So I start slowly, work continuously on drafts.. sometimes, I set targets, don't edit until I'm done... sometimes, I work on lists.. and sometimes, I read more.

    1. Thanks for reading! Working slowly and reading for inspo sounds good. xx

  4. Hi Madeline! You were kind enough to leave a comment on my blog post in July (!!) and I'm just making my way over here. Thank you for the comment and it's nice to visit you at your home base!

    I'm in love with Spotify Premium! I'm trying to get my family into it so we can switch to the family plan and save some of my favourite hobbies is saving money. I'm a huge podcast buff; there just isn't enough time in the day!

    Wishing you a wonderful September!

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