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Film Review | Side Chic Gang

By now you'll know that I'm in equal parts proudly Ghanaian and British. Does that make me British Ghanaian or Ghanaian British? I don't know! However you'd like to describe me is up to you! Me I'm just here to share this Ghanaian film review with you.

I haven't reviewed a Ghanaian film before, mainly because the industry went through a sad decline, and although there has been the occasional great production, I just didn't have access to them. So in as much as I love all things Ghanaian, I'd just come to accept that movies might not be one of them. 

Then I watched Side Chic Gang.

A funny name for a business?
Pokuaa (Nana Ama McBrown),  Baaba (Lydia Forson) and Fela (Sika Osei) are three friends in Accra who are in the throes of beginning a business. Whilst out and about in an effort to promote the business, Pokuaa one day chances upon a friend's husband with his mistress! The ladies deliver the heartbreaking news to his wife who is devastated but grateful all the same. In fact, so grateful that she writes them a health cheque for their efforts. Alas, the Side Chic Gang is born! 

Get it now?
Pokuaa, Baaba and Fela make a killing at the agency
The detective agency quickly gains notoriety and with that an influx of scorned wives who are willing to pay what it takes to catch their philandering husbands with their pants down (literally). 

Things turn nasty one day when a gentleman visits the agency with suspicions of a cheating fiancée. The ladies reluctantly agree to take on their first male client. But the ladies are in for a terrible shock when they eventually bust in on the suspected fiancée in a hotel room with another man - the last person on earth they could have imagined it to be.

With shocking revelations exposed, and the ladies' own relationships called into question, what will become of Side Chic Gang?

Humour with a side of heartbreak
This entertaining movie strikes the right balance between comedy and some real sombre moments. Nana Ama McBrown is a fantastic actor. Her emotions, especially in the latter part of the film, are palpable. Lydia Forson is one of my favourite Ghanaian celebrities, who pulls off humour so well, and Sika Osei, whilst I hadn't seen much of her prior to Side Chic Gang, entertained until the very end. The three main characters, although funny, were also multidimensional - dealing with personal battles whilst also giving their all as witty detectives. 

Much like Lionheart, I enjoyed the beautiful splashes of colour in their outfits and the scenery in general. Ghana is a beautiful place, and any chance to see it displayed in all its splendour is a treat for me, so long as the depiction is honest.
Sika Osei and Lydia Forson on set with the rest of the cast and crew
Despite the laughs you'll inevitably get from Side Chic Gang, it poses a serious question. In fact, two questions: are all secrets worth exposing? And if so, who has the right to expose them? Let me throw in a third. Would you be grateful if someone revealed your partner's infidelity to you?

All in all Side Chic Gang is a wonderful film for a girls' night in or for one to enjoy in solitude. Whether you intend to round up the ladies on a Friday night or watch all by yourself, I highly recommend this flick. In fact, I really hope it has had some air time at someone's film festival.

Side Chic Gang is available to watch on Conga TV. which you can subscribe to at an affordable price.  (Disclaimer: this is not an ad)

Let me know if you are a fan of African movies, or whether you've watched any lately.

Images sources: medium.com, zionfelix.com, conga.tv



  1. I always find humour with a dose of heartbreak (and vice versa) is the perfect recipe for an entertaining viewing! I hope you're having a lovely week so far Madeline :)

    aglassofice.com x

    1. You are very right Gabrielle! It makes a perfect chick flick!

  2. I'm a big fan of African movies. I've watched side chick gang. Interesting turn of events. A serious topic played down.

    1. Hi Grace. Thank you for reading! Very interesting indeed :-)


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