Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Seven Ways to Practice Self-Care As a Blogger

It's Mental Health Awareness Day and as a blogger, one of the things I'm highly aware of is the pressure this seemingly harmless activity can sometimes apply. Often what starts off as a hobby, can quickly become a full-time gig, with all the stress and none of the benefits! 

People often forget that a single blog post carries not just the 500-800 words that have been published, but the groundwork that has gone into it - research, editing, photography, social media promotion etc, which at times leaves the blogger exhausted.

Yes, our stories matter, and what we have to share as bloggers is priceless. Think about it, together we are creating an entirely new inventory of information lovingly mixed with our experiences, our personalities, and our unique styles of expression. 

However if peace of mind is the cost, then it's not worth it. Taking care of self first is mandatory.  So here is a short list of ways to practice self-care as a blogger.

1. Write what you enjoy - It's good to research new material and to broaden your writing to different subject matters, but writing what comes naturally to you will keep the enjoyment in blogging.

2. Share positive feedback - Receiving encouraging comments about your work is always nice. But don't stop there. It's OK to show off a bit. Share good feedback on social media, or on your blog itself.

3. Set a kind schedule - I know one of the fundamentals of being an organised blogger is to stick to a schedule. But like they say 'you can't come and kill yourself'. Stick to a plan that works around your lifestyle, and doesn't rob you of precious sleep or time with loved ones. 

4. Take breaks when needed - I don't recommend you abandon your blog at the first sign of trouble, but take planned blogging breaks in the course of the year. Time away helps you to refocus and recharge.

5. Stay off the numbers  - It can be disheartening to see little to no growth on your platform, but focus and appreciate the readers you do have rather than constantly looking outwards.

6. Avoid comparisons - Your only competition should be yourself. Anyone else, and you're stepping out of line!

7. Find blogger friends - Blogging can be a lonely activity, so join mastermind groups, find online blogging buddies, and real-life blogging buddies you can sometimes work side by side with.

That's it. Seven ways to practice self-care as a blogger. Remember to always look after yourself first!

Can you add any more to my list? Let's have a conversation in the comments!



  1. Yes to all of these pointers, but especially number six and oh, five. It can be hard sometimes with numbers being the main focus nowadays. Ha!! Gotta remind myself constantly why I started blogging in the first place.

    1. The struggle is real sis. Especially when the number start dwindling, it's hard to stop thinking about it! Thanks Missy May!

  2. Finding blogger friends is my fav part of this whole post. I have 2 very very close friends I consider besties after all these years and I met them through blogging. its nice to be able to vent to a girlfriend that actually understands blogging.

    1. Thanks Ellen. I have also met some great people through blogging. It would be nice to have some actual blogger freinds I could actually meet with though!

  3. Thanks for sharing Madeline :) Number 5 and 6 are so on point. Its easy to get caught up in all that and forget the basics.

    Have a wonderful weekend. XO

    1. Thanks Nicole. Trust me. It's the nature of blogging today!

  4. these are great tips. Staying away from the numbers game is important. Finding blogging friends is a great way to feel a part of a community.

    1. I have found that finding like minded people who understand the hustle is a great way to stay grounded!


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