Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Four Things to do to Settle a Dispute (Featuring Xscape)

"What I need from you is understanding. How can we communicate, if you don't hear what I say?"

Who knows where these song lyrics are from?

Well done you if you silently whispered "Xscape" to yourself! If you are into RnB, have been watching reality TV lately or grew up in the nineties, then you should know a little bit about the reunion RnB crooners, Kandi, Tameeka (or Tiny), LaTocha and Tamika  - Xscape to you and I. After an almost twenty year breakup, the ladies have finally decided to take to the stage again together as a group!

Yesterday, I spent the day singing along to their hits and watching the reality show that follows their tumultuous reunion. This is the inspiration for this post. Hey, if the Xscape ladies had had the opportunity to read this, we might not have had to wait for twenty years!

Here are my four tips to settle a dispute:

1.Confront the issue - that's if you really want to make up with your friend! Refusing to speak, will cause resentment to set in,, and you'll find yourself hating your opponent and not even remembering why. Is it any surprise that the Xscape ladies cannot agree on the cause of the breakup?

2. Avoid getting personal. It shifts everyone's focus off the main issue and creates new scars without doing anything to heal the old ones.

3. Try to avoid getting outside parties involved. People are very good at influencing the views of others, especially when they are already irritated. Different opinions about an already precarious issue can aggravate the situation.

4. At some point, you have to make a decision to either forgive and make amends, or simply move on. You're not always going to kiss and makeup BUT It is damaging to the self, to hold onto the negativity.

This brings me to this - can Xscape bury the hatchet for long enough to extend their Great Xscape Tour to the UK?

*Currently Listening to Understanding*


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