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  1. In regards to your 'Why are TV Christmas ads becoming mini movies' post, I'd first of all like to commend you for your excellent and accurate writing. I can't say i don't agree, recently adverts have become almost as interesting as the show itself. Originally, adverts were a great time to use the toilet or make a quick cuppa but with the increasing effort it's almost impossible to get up. Companies are doing far too much to produce advertisements and quite frankly it's a waste of time and money. You are a great writer and should definitely continue expanding your posts and blogs.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my work, and posting your lovely comments! I totally agree with you, although my analysis of these TV ads are less than complimentary, I must admit I am intrigued by them too. But yes it is a waste of money, especially if you consider the likes of M&S which suffered a dip in sales during the festive period vs. what they had originally forecasted!


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