So, wonderful business owner, whatever service or product you are offering is a necessity in the market.  

You have probably spent months, or even years brainstorming your great idea and nurturing it to a finished product. It has probably cost you many sleepless nights, loads of money and probably some personal relationships! But hey, it has been worth it because now you have launched your amazing business. Congratulations!
Now it’s time to let the whole world know about your business.
You have sent out a few emails. Your social media game is on point. You've spent some money on producing leaflets which you intend to leave at a few events, or push through a few letterboxes?
But how many of your emails do you think are being read? How many of your leaflets are being picked up?
Are readers clicking through to your website or are your emails destined for ‘deleted items’? How about those leaflets? How are you so sure that those leaflets are not ending up at the bottom of someone’s kitchen bin, or in torn pieces in someone’s shredder?
Whether trashed or not, the words in that email, or on that leaflet are referred to as copy – words, written strategically to advertise and promote a product or service. The best copy will have readers buying into your business.
Copywriting, be it for company websites, billboard posters, promo emails or brochures is an important part of a business. That’s because the right kind of copy will attract and hold the attention of the right clients.
Alternatively, badly written copy can be detrimental to your business because you run the risk of:
  1. Losing your main message
  2. Offending your potential clients
  3. Boring your potential clients
  4. Losing your integrity
In short bad copy can mean bad business. BUT:
good copy = good business.
This is where I can help.

A good copywriter will carry out the research write all of your promotional material whilst taking into consideration the nature of your business and the type of clients you want to attract. We are trained to finetune the language of written text so your target audience is drawn in.

My vision is to be the business woman's most trusted copywriter. Contact me today and I promise you will receive quality and personalised service from the onset. I believe in being as professional and as supportive as possible so I will do everything to champion your brand to help it to shine in your industry.
All you have to do is to fill in a short form so I can have an idea of the kind of material you’d like to produce. After that, you can carry on running your business whilst I do all the hard work.
Contact me today at Let's begin!
You can find examples of my previous work in my portfolio

All the best in life and business!


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    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for visiting mine. I hope you like what you see :-)


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