Sunday, July 14, 2019

Twenty Practical Lessons From Little Black Book

Ladies, the writer's block has been real! I've been feeling quite uninspired, and the continued travelling for work is not helping much either! Anyhoo, I have been reading Litte Black Book by Otegha Uwagba on and off, and thought I'd share a few lessons I picked up with you.

It's not entirely ground breaking however it is filled with a lot of wisdom to help you navigate through your career as a creative. It covers everything from networking and building relationships, to money management to the wise words of other inspirational women.

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What is handy is that it cuts out the bullshit and gets straight into it, so it's perfect for people who prefer succint information. Having said that, it would have been nice to have read a bit of the author's back story, but then again its simplicity helps to keep the book's pocket size. It's perfect for women starting out in their career or still at uni. It works well as a reference book, which can be referred to as and when needed, rather than a book to sit down with and read from cover to cover.

I too have scrolled through portions of it here and there and these are twenty practical lessons from Little Black Book. 

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Twenty Lessons
1. Never stop learning
2. Before you pay for a course, ask your employer 
3. Network vertically as well has horizontally
4. At work, be friendly. Not a friend.
5. Put together a capsule wardrobe for work
6. When it's time to stop working, stop.
7. Avoid multitasking
8. Keep your work area tidy
9. Noise cancelling earphones can come as handy
10. Your appearance is a part of your brand
11. When it comes to work, stay consistent and persistent
12. Keep your presentation slides simple
13. Sleep, eat and drink well before an important presentation or speech (no alcohol please!)
14. Before you name your price, research the going rate 
15. Save money
16. Get a contract signed for any job you undertake
17. Copyright your intellectual property
18. How people feel about you is as important as how they feel about your work. 
19. Communicate confidently
20. Practice self care.

What do you think? Tempted to pick up Little Black Book from your local bookstore or library? There are hundreds of little nuggets in this mini read, but I couldn't possibly share all with you, or you wouldn't read it yourself!



  1. These are all really amazing lessons from the book! Some resonated deeply with me more than others and I will be working on them in my little corner. -

  2. I like all the points. Amen! to noise cancelling headphones. My boyfriend gifted me BOSE headphones for Christmas last year and they have changed my work and flight experience!

    Can definitely relate to other points mentioned. Stopping when it's time to stop work, researching before naming your price.. all of them really. Thanks for sharing!


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