Tuesday, February 12, 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Blog As a Business Owner

If you work for yourself or have a side hustle, you will know that the business of conducting business can be choppy at times. A few weeks back, a client of mine whose website I'd been writing monthly blog posts for called to tell me that she would no longer be needing my services. After some probing, I discovered that someone had told her that such as investment was a waste of money (the same person who had initially referred me to her!). 

So I asked her if she felt as if she'd been wasting her money.  Her response? Well, she confessed she loved the blog posts but had been confused since hearing that piece of advice. 
If you're a brand owner of any kind, selling a product or service,  you're probably wondering why in God's world your website should feature a blog page (that you should keep up to date!) 

Read on to find out why you should blog as a business owner.

1. Posting on your blog page is likely to boost your SEO ranking. Especially if the same keywords and phrases appear in your blog posts. But you need to post regular, quality content. 

2. Writing on various topics relating to your product or service positions you as an expert in your field thus building trust

3. Blogging helps to showcase your brand personality,  thus building stronger relationships with current and potential customers.

4. Blogging gives you the chance to showcase your "behind the scenes" thus building an appreciation for your brand.

5.  Your blog page will become the life source of your social media marketing strategy. You can post links to your social media profiles from your blog, and conversely lead people back to your blog page from your social media profiles. 

6. Posting regularly will help to make the communication between you and your audience two way. If you get your blogging right, you will encourage readers to leave comments and questions. Increased Engagement will fortify the business-client relationship.

7. It's a fun and lighthearted way to interact with your business. After all the number crunching and strategising, blogging can actually be therapeutic.

8. Having to carry out research for blog posts keeps you ahead of market trends, which will help you to stay innovative and avoid any industry curve balls!

9. If done right, your blog page can be a platform for you to create a dedicated email list to pitch new products and services to

10. The increased traffic to your site will help you to generate more leads (If you get your  writing  right!)

If you own a business, I hope you're now persuaded! What are your thoughts about blogging as a business owner? Let me know!

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  2. Very good points. I know a few people who need to read this

  3. Many business owners struggle with content creation and that is why keeping a blog becomes somewhat of a chore. However, I do agree on the tip of nurturing the blog and SEO in order to get more traffic to the website!
    Jamila - https://jamilakyari.com

    1. It is hard work , but it's sooo helpful to any business website. Thank you for reading Jamila!

  4. I agree! The more research you do to produce content, the more knowledge you are gaining and this gives you credibility as an expert in your field.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


  5. I love your point about how blogging allows you show your 'behind the scenes' clips - that's one of my favourite things about following brands on social media/blogs! :)

    aglassofice.com x

    1. I love your 'behind the scenes on your Instagram Stories.

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