Wednesday, May 23, 2018

31 Life Lessons in 31 years

Tomorrow (Friday) is my birthday! whoop whoop! Despite my happiness, I must admit that I'm feeling a little more reflective than excited. This is quite in contrast to last year when I  welcomed my new age with much care-freeness and enthusiasm, and declared to the whole world that I was going to be 'fun and flirty at thirty'.

A  year really can make a difference and with more life experience, my thoughts are a little more profound this time around.

31 is a bit of an odd number to mark out for a post like this, however, that will be my age for the next year, so without much further ado, here are 31 life lessons I learned in 31 years.

1. No dream is ever too outrageous to achieve
2. Your family might love you, but can cause more harm than good
3. Taking out credit is like stealing from your future self because what you borrow, you'll pay back with interest.
4. Never fake an orgasm (that's setting yourself up for a life of mediocracy sis)
5. Self-education is more valuable than formal education
6. People will have as much confidence in you as you have in yourself
7. Most people won't support your dreams. But keep working sis. It's nothing personal.
8. Love can spring from the most awkward place, at the most unexpected time
9. Between the BBC news website, Twitter, Netflix and Youtube, there really is no need for TV
10. Good, supportive undergarments are everything.

11. Social media will either build your brand or waste your time
12. Never tweet anything you'll have to retract later
13. Never lend money you cannot afford to lose
14. People will turn on you for no reason
15. Never tell someone who is freshly grieving that they should not question God (chances are, they will have plenty of questions and it's better they ask than not speak to God at all)
16. So much magic can be created with a bit of creativity and an internet connection
17. Your marriage will be as good as what you put into it
18. People will always talk. Don't always be in a rush to respond.
19. Put God at the centre of everything
20. Always make your goals visible (be it on a board or in a book)

21. Life is cruel and does not always favour the kind
22. Read  a little everyday
23. Kindness can come from the unlikeliest places
24. Cherish your loved ones. You never can know what the future holds
25. Shoot your shot. You never know.
26. Never fully trust your colleagues - follow up every discussion with an email!
27. Drink lots of water. Your skin will thank you.
28. Health is wealth because there's not a lot you can do when you're unwell.
29. Always remove your makeup at night
30. The biggest opportunities lie on the other side of fear
31. Practice kindness above everything.

Which one was your favourite piece of advice? Let me know below!



  1. So may lessons here where do I start from. Lol I laughed at that good garments lesson. That lesson about borrowing is too key and saving for a raining day. Happy Birthday. This point really sunk in "Social media will either build your brand or waste your time", so much truth in such a simple sentence.

    Princess Audu

    1. Haha! The undergarments one seem to be the fave so far! Thank you so much for reading. I am glad that many of my lessons spoke to you in such a profound way.

  2. Madeliiiiine Ahhh this blog is everything! Will share my faves on insta stories!

  3. Some really useful tips Madeline!! Thank you, God bless x

  4. Winiiiiiiiie! Thank you so much for the share. I was truly humbled by it.

  5. Happy birthday! I would say 'read everyday', I always put it off but it really does give you some time out x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thank you so much Velvet. Read everyday is such good advice. It doesn't matter how much or little.

  6. oh Im late but happy birthday!! wish you all the best and keep beeing the strong woman you show us here everytime i read a post. All the best!

    1. No, not late at all, because I celebrate my birthday for a few weeks after the actual date! Thank you so much Ana!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Madeline. I hope you had a wonderful one. It's hard to pick a favorite really because they all resonate with me. I started to list out but realized I was reproducing the list, lol

    1. Thank you dear. I really did! My friends and family went all out for me. Please do publish your own list. It doesn't matter if it's similar. If we have the same values, it will be!

  8. I'm late, but happy birthday to you sis. More blessings your way. Hope you had a good one. These are great lessons for sure. Lol to the undergarment one. I can relate to all of these lessons I must say.

    1. Naaah! you're not late at all because I celeberate my birhday for a whole month! I did have a good one thank you, and yes, the undergarments one seems to be the favourite!

  9. Awww. . . Happy belated Birthday, Maddie!

  10. Great life lessons. My favourites are the credit card, faking organism, self education and dreaming big. Thanks for sharing them.
    Happy birthday 😘

  11. Hi Betty! Lovely to meet you here my good friend :-) I am glad you've enjoyed reading. Ha! You are the only one to pick up on the faking orgasm one! Very brave of you.

  12. Important life lessons. Preach mama!

  13. Happy belated birthday, darling. I have been off the radar but it's better late than never. Wishing you greater heights in all your endeavours. Xoxo


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