Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Review: The Aso-ebi Chronicles

It is agreed that a good book can have the ability to transport its reader to a place or time that a plane ticket or time machine never could. All the reader needs is the capability to read, and a good imagination.
But, what is often downplayed is the pleasure that is derived from reading of a place, experience or person that you are already familiar with. Familiarity breeds comfort, especially when those places, people and things are brought to life with the narrative, skill and craftmanship required-  as is the case for the Aso-Ebi Chronicles.
From Bewaji's Ankara Adventures to Violet's Velvet Adventures,  The Aso-Ebi Chronicles is a colourful series of  novellas pulling together the themes of African textiles, detective work and romance.

Like what we've done with the Place?

We have moved!

Yes, after cheating on Blogger with Wordpress I have returned with my tails between my legs. I wanted to try Wordpress as a hosting platform as I thought it would allow me to develop a real professional website but I am honestly a real tech illiterate.

I became weary about calling on the Wordpress helpers for every minute problem and frankly the more gadgets and widgets I wanted, the more expensive it was becoming. I also wanted the blogging element of my business to be more of a feature. So this week, I decided I could do without all the bells and whistles of Wordpress, and opted for good ol' Blogger - where I have ran my previous blogs.

PLEASE, I am not saying that Wordpress is not good at all! If you are real techy, or love to try new things and can afford to maintain a Wordpress hosted site then go for it!

So, what do you think about our new home?

I am still in the process of transferring all my content over, and enabling all my links so please bear with me whilst I spruce the place up!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Six Tips to Making Small Talk Without Mentioning the Weather

The awkward silence, the shifted gaze, the nervous laughter, the unnecessary extra bite of the sandwich or slurp of the coffee, and then the inevitable “the weather’s nice today”. 
These are all uncomfortable scenarios I am sure we can relate to when forced to network at a work event or speak to a friend of a friend you barely know at a party. It’s amazing what we put ourselves through when we don’t know what to say. 
Conversation openings, what one may refer to as “small talk”, are vital for interesting conversations which can ultimately lead to great relationships.  On the flip side, bad small talk will lead to a crappy conversation.

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