Hi! Welcome to madelinewilsonojo.com, the home of blogging, communications training and copywriting. You can learn key skills to help you communicate better professionally and socially, or you can hire me as your copywriter!
Have you ever had something very important or exciting to say but struggled to express yourself? Or do you have a wonderful product or service to offer the world, but words fail you when it comes to telling people why what you have to offer can make a difference in their lives?
This is where I can help. I am a copywriter and blogger obsessed with helping you get those all important words off your chest and presenting your best side. I can add value to your business by creating the perfectly written content for your website, and anywhere else you would like to showcase the best of your product or service. Click here to find out what I can offer you.
Email me at contact@madelinewilsonojo.com for enquiries. 
madelinewilsonojo.com is also devoted to providing key communication skills so you never get tongue-tied in front of the boss or at an interview. BUT communications includes much more than speaking you know? Find out more in my Communications Academy.
If you would just like to hang out here to find out what I have been up to, read my book reviews and enter competitions, catch up with me on the blog.

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