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Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for visiting my website. As its name suggests, my name is Madeline and I live somewhere in South London. My roots are from Ghana, but I am married to a Nigerian.

I am a freelance copywriter in my spare time and sales executive between the hours of 9-5. I am also a youth leader at my church, which is basically a Sunday School teacher for 12-18 year olds. So yeah, one could say I'm also crazy. 

My decision to start madelinewilsonojo.com came from a dream to see people who fit my demographic (young, black and not from a particularly affluent neighbourhood) break stereotypes by asserting themselves professionally in the work place without intimidation, and expressing themselves with eloquence. Sometimes, the difference between the person who gets the job and the one who doesn't, or the person who gets the deal and the one who doesn't is the simple factor of having the so called gift of the gab.
I have combined this passion with my absolute love for books. In fact I have been a bookworm since childhood! Hence, my strap line: copywriting, communications training and book reviews.

Before starting madelinewilsonojo.com, I did dip my fingers in a few writing projects. My first ever blog was lifenlivingit.blogspot.com. After that I went through a succession of starting and abandoning blogs before I found my purpose with this one.

Aside from my clients, I also regularly write and submit articles to various online organisations. Do-It, Brands of Colour and Vocal are just a few.

If I'm not writing, or working or youth leading, you'll find me eating, reading or watching YouTube or anything from The Real Housewives franchise. 


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