Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Eroticnoire Book Club: Review

When was the last time you took a tentative step into something that scares you a little? How many times have you tried something a little unconventional just for the excitement of it? Well, yesterday, I wandered into the sensational world of erotic fiction. I attended the launch of the Eroticnoire Book Club in London's Warren Street. Admittedly it wasn't my first foray into erotica. but when it comes to sharing that interest with a room full of strangers, it was definitely my first! I might not have picked up a single book from the 50 Shades series, I do have an impressive  Zane collection.

So how did I chance upon this raunchy affair? It all started with this Instagram post which immediately piqued my interest. For only £5 (cheaper than the McDonald's meal I bought before the event), I and the girlies were treated to an evening of naughty poetry and literature with Black British erotic author Meg Philip.

The location of the Eroticnoire Book Club was a café called Coffee, Cake and Kisses -  a cute venue with kitchenlike aesthetics and plenty of charm. The event, which lasted for a couple of hours in the evening, was described by the facilitator as a celebration of Black British erotic authors, and an endeavour to promote the love of reading.

The evening began at 6.30pm, and the antics began almost immediately. We were all given sexy pseudonyms that we were to respond to and call each other by for the next two hours. Anything else would warrant a forfeit! The first activity was an icebreaking bingo-style game. We were all given A4 sheets with a grid of around twenty squares printed on them. Each square bore a description of some sort. The aim of the game was to find as many people in the room for whom those descriptions were relevant. Whilst some of the squares had pretty sober phrases such as "has visited Las Vegas", there were others with raunchier sentences. Fancy asking a stranger if they kept a stash of 'novelties' under their bed!

Meet Whiplash Wendy!
Other activities included a Q&A session with Meg Philip and our own attempt at writing an erotic scene (some of which were read out loud!). The activities were interspersed with readings of passages from Meg Philip's books, from the lady herself (which of course evoked some intesnse giggles from the blushing crowd.) 

Admittedly, the evening felt more like a workshop, but that was to be expected for a debut, as we had not yet been assigned any pre-reading. But I do expect the next event to more closely resemble the format of a book club.

To sum up, it was a very thrilling evening, one that drew out even the meekest of characters. And although it could have benefitted from a little more organisation, it ran pretty smoothly. An event like the Eroticnoire Book Club won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if Erotica is your thing, or you are willing to try something daring, then this could be for you!

Follow @eroticnoirebookclub on Instagram for details about the next meeting.



  1. Hey whiplash Wendy. I'm glad that the event went well. Great post😘

    1. Haha Betty! I can see you are keeping tabs on! I love it! It really did. Perhaps you'll attend the next one?

  2. Hi Whiplash Wendy,
    Love this write up; it’s beautifuflly written ��
    I’m really pleased you enjoyed the event and looking forward to seeing you at many more; thanks for the feedback xx


    1. Hi Meg! Thank you thank you! I was so pleased to be there. You are awesome!


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