Monday, June 11, 2018

How To Go on a Blogging Hiatus Without Abandoning Your Readers

Hello ladies!

We are back again with more blogging tips! This time we are focusing on how to take a break from blogging without just abandoning it altogether. From time to time, we'll all need a break because life can get overwhelming, but it can be confusing with for your followers if you abruptly stop posting with little explanation. What you don't want is for your readers to think you have totally quit the game when in reality you only went to rest a little.

Like all responsible adults, it's polite to let the neighbours know and to inform your family if you'll be out of town for a little while, and I am going to share some tips with you on how to do that with blogging.

1. Leave a post on your blog explaining you are going on hiatus, and when your readers can expect your return. If you don't have an exact date in mind, then a rough time frame is good enough.

2. Let your followers know on social media that you're going on a bit of a hiatus

3. Continue to stay active on social media in the time you are away.

4. Check in on your blog from time to time, and see if any new comments have been left.

5. Keep following and commenting on your favourite blogs. I know you are on break for a reason so you can minimize this.

That's it! That is how to go on hiatus without totally being MIA. With that said, Madeline needs a bit of time girl, to complete a few projects so I will be back with you in three months time! In the meantime, you may want to check out some of my latest book reviews, posts from the Communications Academy, and my general life and thoughts posts.

See you in September!



  1. Oh no! I would miss you! Thank God you informed because if you had left just like that, we would all have been worried. Greater heights and see you soon!

    1. Oh wow! I didn't quite know you were an avod reader. Thanks love. See you soon!

  2. these are great tips!! Even when I take a real short break from the blog I def always stay active on social media!

    1. Thank you Ellen! Social Media really is the crucial link between bloggers and readers in the absence of new blog posts!

  3. 3 months!!! A much needed rest will bring back some great post. So I can't wait to read what you get up to on your hiatus. Enjoy your me time.

    1. Ha! Betty. No panic! It might actually be just two months, but your girl has got to manage expectations a little bit! There will be loads going on during my hiatus, but as you know, you can always get updates direct from me over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine!


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