Book Review: The In-Between

The In-Between is a biographical motivational read told by Mahmoud Farraj, an entrepreneur living in the US.

It's more than just a book of inspirational teachings. Farraj uses real life examples to get we the readers to condition our minds for success in order for the right kind of life to follow. In the author's words, The In-Between was written for one purpose, 'to describe the life and lessons learned by an aspiring growingly successful entrepreneur'.

This is the unique selling point of The In-Between - the fact that the author
is not writing from a place of complacency, but from his journey from which he is still learning.

Its central message of self-belief and the necessity of harnessing a sense of adventure is deeply anchored in Farraj's personal story.  This is what makes The In- Between highly personal, honest and engaging.

Born to a chef father and a carer for a mother, (what can be described as an average family)  Mahmoud used the principles of self-determination, good relationship management and a 'just ask cos you never can tell', philosophy to bring home his message. 

The story really kicks off with a good description of the 'Buzzing Man',  the person in your head whose job it is to 'make you a better person in every aspect in life', and goes on to explain that 'only the truly successful and happiest people on Earth have listened to him'. This description of the Buzzing Man sets off the book's essential lessons, neatly divided into seven chapters.

The chapters. Yes. Let's speak about the chapters. 

What made the In-Between a delightful read was the chapters, which are concise, easily digestible, and quirkily named. Yes, “Do You Even Mentor Bro?” and “Why are His Eyes So Big in Those Glasses?” are all chapter headings. And the content of the chapters do not disappoint!

Also adding to the book's charm are the cute illustrations to accompany the headings. There is nothing like a bit of imagery to fix your mind on whilst you read.

The illustrations, alongside Farraj's many examples drawn from his school experience, such as his description of when '"he was in college...a book worm...and did a ton of homework', and his simplistic writing style, have led me to make the assessment that the book would be the perfect read for teenagers and young adults.  

Motivational books can at times be difficult to relate to when the author seems to be preaching at you from their all so distant pulpit of success. They normally appear to be far removed from the struggle of ordinary folk. Farraj himself admits, 'Many authors and self-proclaimed millionaires have some sort of rag to riches story...' But what makes Farraj's offering truly unique is that he is still on his journey to making it. His encouragement to the reader to look at his 'story about hardship and struggle as they happen, in real  time ' is a breath of fresh air.

What makes this book unique is Mohamed Farraj's fantastic sense of humour and his very casual writing style. So much so that it is easy to imagine that Farraj is simply conversing with you. 

All in all a good read. I enjoyed reading it and was able to take from it a few great tips that I am applying today. If you are a young person having some difficulty in finding yourself, or would like to make the next brave step but are somewhat unsure about it then this is THE book for you. It is very easy to digest, has a clear message. You will enjoy it for its honesty and also because you will not feel bombarded at all by a tidal wave of magic tips and tricks. 

You can easily buy this book today for less than £3 from or from Amazon.

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