Four Great Ways You Can Share Your Story

Hi lovely peeps.

Last time, we discussed the importance of sharing your story as a business person or content creator. If you haven't yet read that blog post, what are you waiting for? Click here to read. 

Today, I am going to share four simple, but effective ways you can do so.

Why You Should Share Your Story

Any content creator or business person would have heard the phrase "share your story", a few times. It's a great way to connect with the people you are sharing your content with, or selling to. Sharing your story is all about opening a window to who you are so that your audience can know the character behind the content or the brand. 

A great example of the sharing of a story is the copy on Shea Moisture's* bottles that tells the story of Sofi Tucker, selling shea butter in Sierra Leone back in 1912. As a consumer, I connected with the company's humble roots. This has, in turn, deepened my interest in the brand. 

I have compiled a short list of reasons why you as a writer, public speaker or business person you should share your story with the people you are trying to connect with: your audience or clients:

Four Things to do to Settle a Dispute (Featuring Xscape)

"What I need from you is understanding. How can we communicate, if you don't hear what I say?"

Who knows where these song lyrics are from?

Well done you if you silently whispered "Xscape" to yourself! If you are into RnB, have been watching reality TV lately or grew up in the nineties, then you should know a little bit about the reunion RnB crooners, Kandi, Tameeka (or Tiny), LaTocha and Tamika  - Xscape to you and I. After an almost twenty year breakup, the ladies have finally decided to take to the stage again together as a group!

Yesterday, I spent the day singing along to their hits and watching the reality show that follows their tumultuous reunion. This is the inspiration for this post. Hey, if the Xscape ladies had had the opportunity to read this, we might not have had to wait for twenty years!

Here are my four tips to settle a dispute:

Apologies/ Stories from the Web

Hey lovely people!

A lot of bloggers do not believe in apologising for an unannounced hiatus. But I feel that if you frequent this blog, you at least deserve to hear why I have been absent for some time. 

Firstly, apologies. (I am one of the few who do believe in apologising!) 

Secondly, my "break" has been largely down to laziness, however, it was triggered by a short bout of illness. Then I celebrated my 30th birthday and I wanted to party, rather than write blog posts - but I am now repentant and have returned for good!

With that out of the way, I thought I'd kick things off by gathering some of the most interesting stories from around the web this week. They all pertain to writing and communications, obviously!

Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

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